According to Christian scholars, Jesus Christ died over 2 thousand years ago and ascended to heaven. As he ascended, he gave a message to his followers to spread out and preach his message as well as make disciples. This final message was the trigger needed by these disciples to begin to distribute the word. His disciples began to walk as well as travel from cities to cities distributing this good news. As the men moved along, people recognized that they automatically behaved like their master. It is rational that learners who have stayed with a master automatically becomes like their master.

When these disciples acted like Christ, people globally named them Christians because those men were like Christ. As they spread their news around, others were attracted to their cause. All the new converts that joined them were convinced into following the steps of Christ. This is the major reason behind that name given to all followers of Jesus Christ. Recently, when individuals associate themselves with Jesus, they are called that name.

Unbelievers believe in either the big

Those that have not fully or barely accepted this idea of Jesus Christ dying for all humans are tagged as non-christians. This seems subtle compared to what Christians call them, which is an unbeliever. Unbelievers are classified into two major categories based on their beliefs on God. An unbeliever could either be an atheist or belong to another religion entirely. Atheists are humans who do not believe in the existence of a God or a supreme being looking down on humans from above.

Unbelievers believe in either the big band theory or they believe things just happened and humans should leave things. Asides Christianity, there are other religions that exist. Muslims globally trust their holy prophet, Muhammad and his master, Allah. It is a religion that is closely related to that of Jesus’ followers, but it is not. There are others, all circulated around worshiping different deities. As all like-minded individuals do, Christ’s trustees converge to perform the same duties. His trustees believe that when together, they can strengthen each other as their journey continues.

The believers are often overseen by

All believers have one certain goal, which is living a good life till they go to heaven. However, there are other tasks required for Christians, and this is evangelism. There’s a structure erected by trustees that they converge to worship. These erected structures are churches or chapels as you can find them in all countries. Since there are followers scattered globally, it is only wise to erect the structures around. In chapels, there are ceremonies that are performed to strengthen their faith. These believers pray, which is a way of communicating with God in heaven.

The believers are often overseen by others that seem closer to God than the rest, you call them priests or pastors. When any Christian prays, it is expected that their heavenly father responds to their prayers by speaking through the pastor. Pastors preach, relaying what God has told them and choristers sing songs in churches. Even though churches are filled with Christians, its gates are open to all humans. While Christians wait for Jesus’ second coming, they abide by his last words, which was to make disciples. This involves reaching out to non-christians to convince them to join their fold as there is a reward waiting. These followers believe there is a reward for those that can gather enough converts.

Why Non-Christians Can Enter Churches

Mansions with crowns are reportedly waiting for believers that can bring enough converts to heaven. As a Christian, you are naturally expected to reach out to lost souls as well as bring them to Jesus. After conversion, believers follow up on their converts so backsliding does not happen to them. Backsliding is the falling back into sin after being converted to Christianity. A Christian’s duty is to help propel newcomers to stand strong on their feet.

It’s seen as a referral program where referees are rewarded for bringing customers. This is why all human beings are permitted to enter churches because a Christian believes if you enter a church, you can be converted. Any believer believes that Jesus’ arms are open to all that are willing. So if you belong to another religion or do not accept God’s existence, you can enter. If you do not pose a threat or look to cause harm to any of the congregation, you are permitted.