The church is seen as the temple of God and should be free from immorality. Numerous Christians are just churchgoers who contribute nothing to the house of God. The Church needs rebuilding for the world to be a better place for humans. A building up of the church doesn’t mean that it would be constructed physically, but spiritually. Certain steps must be taken to make this project easier. The first step to making the church meet up to Christ’s standard is character or moral rebuilding. Numerous Christians lack morals as they are not well-trained or don’t even desire to train themselves.

If Christians can strive to rebuild

If Christians can strive to rebuild their morals, building up the church would be an easier task. Just as good morals are needed for building up the church, so is unity vital for progress. An association that lacks unity or fails to be united in its doings would not progress. Establishing a church isn’t about pastors praying for members, but it requires unity in all associations of a church starting from the members to the workers and pastors. If all groups can be united, there won’t be any difficulty in achieving this task. Unity doesn’t care about class or race as both the rich and poor must be one to achieve a goal.

Instructing your church to follow God's

Instructing your church to follow God’s principles requires patience and understanding among Christians. A major problem faced in the church is a lack of understanding between a pastor and his church members. The way Christians interpret the Bible is a major problem. Numerous Christians have different opinions about what the scripture says concerning certain things. Having a single opinion about the scriptures is known as understanding. If Christians have a view of the word of God, building up the church becomes an easier task.

Steps Your Church Must Take to Meet up To Christ's Standard

Various churches have allowed their culture to dictate how they do things and have forgotten how to speak the truth. They’ve thrown religious values away to pursue their cultural values, which doesn’t bode well for the church. Establishing the church requires that you forget your cultural beliefs to focus on living a holy life. Culture and religion are two things that are not meant to go with each other. A good Christian must abandon his culture to focus on living a good life. The role of politics in bringing confusion to the church can’t be ignored.

Political issues have caused numerous Christians to be enemies of one another. Discussing political matters in a church is not supported by God as it brings about division. Some Christians might love a political party while others might follow different parties. Banning political activities in churches is necessary for building up the church. When your church becomes a microphone or a mouthpiece for a political party, you are not the church anymore. Different churches see their members leave because of the way conflicts are handled. Conflicts in a church should be settled peacefully and in love such that a member is offended.

Poor handling of conflicts in churches has caused their members to keep malice which is a sin before God. Pastors must encourage people to love one another as this is the greatest commencement. If love exists, there would be no misunderstanding or quarrels in churches. A good leader’s preaching must be based on having affection for fellow humans and not based on prosperity alone. Numerous religious leaders are biased in their teachings as they have forgotten how to speak the truth. The easiest way to build up the church is to show love towards your fellow neighbor as the Bible commanded it.

The way different people weigh sins is a problem that needs a solution before the church can be built up to follow Christ’s principles. Placing one sin above the other is wrong as no sin has more weight before God. When a person kills his neighbor, it is ranked heavier than a person who just stole money. For the church to be built up to Christ’s standard, this must be addressed before anything else. No transgression is heavier or bigger in Christ’s presence as he is willing to forgive your iniquities. What Christ requires from you is total repentance and a promise not to go back into your wrongdoings.