Due to numerous Christian denominations available, it may be difficult to identify which Christians follow closely the Bible’s commands, teachings. Jesus Christ is the founder of the Christian congregation, and he had given ways by which true Christian churches are identified. While many of these churches say their leader is Christ, and are following in on his steps, only a single denomination follows the laws, principles stated by God’s son while he was on earth. Christ told the disciples how they should behave with one another, qualities they must show to prove he was their leader.

The Bible described those who practice

The Bible described those who practice true belief, and those who do not with a simple illustration. By their fruits you will recognise them as never do people gather grapes from thorns or figs from whistles. Just as a grapevine from thorn by what it produces, true religion can be distinguished by its fruits or identifying features. True religion teaches the truth found in God’s Word, not on human thinking or ideas. Many Christians have quoted the Bible wrongly in teachings like hell fore, the condition of the dead, the hope of living in paradise earth forever. It also does not hold back from exposing lies about other religious practices.

True religion helps people to know

True religion helps people to know God, including teaching them His name. Several churches feel God’s name is too holy to be called by ordinary men, but God wants people to come to know him, have a relationship with him. The Bible urges people to draw closer to God, and God will draw closer to them. God has a single name which is Jehovah as opposed to several names or titles people call him. The true church will teach people to use God’s name in their worship to have a good with the Father. God has shown human the greatest act of love by sending Jesus to die for sins which is why humans must come to know him.

How to Identify the True Christian Denomination

Additionally, true religion centers on the Kingdom of God as mankind’s only hope of salvation. Its followers actively share the message about God’s kingdom with others by moving from house to house, doors, markets, business centers, villages, towns to ensure all gets the message. Humans can do little to solve all problems on earth by providing healthcare, schools roads, water, but death cannot be overcome. No human ruler can promise to remove death, sickness, pain away from humanity. Hence, the true denomination will teach its followers to pray for God to solve all man’s problems.

Love is a unique mark of identifying true Christian as it teaches to practice unselfish love among the members. It teaches respect for all races, cultures, languages, tribes, ethnicities, backgrounds. Moved by love, they follow what the Bible urged them to do by not going to war, and it is also a common thing to give high-sounding religious titles to ministers, but the Bible warns against such. Matthew explained that the greatest should be called a minister, not Father, leaders. True believers do not pay clergy for their services as explained by Peter to shepherd the flock of God willingly without being forced. Like love, true denominations must remain neutral in political affairs due to the message they preach.

Jesus was no part of political affairs which was why he refused to be made king while on earth. Christ preached about the kingdom of Jehovah to solve humanity woes not relying on human subjects. Still, Christ expected all followers to respect, obey the government where they live, according to the Bible’s command. Payment of tax, marriage registration, obeying those in power are rights of civil authority, but Jehovah’s laws must not be sidelined. True Christians follow a way of life that adheres to the Bible’s high moral standards in all aspect of life. They find joy in worshiping Jehovah knowing a bright future awaits.

Those who practice true Christianity will always be In the minority because they are often looked on, ridiculed, persecuted for obeying God. While Christ was on earth, the enemies hated him for preaching what was true, exposing their evil ways. True followers do not fear being persecuted, hated because their reward lies in heaven. It is vital to look for these requirements in knowing the true denomination to join.