No matter how much people try to divide Christianity by different doctrines, a church still stands as a Christian church. Theologians want to create a disparity between Christian churches to avoid misconceptions or misunderstandings about the nature of Christianity, but the bottom line is still the same. Although doctrines differ on how Christ is conveyed or worshiped as a God, a Catholic church still cannot deny the existence of Jesus as a holy being. A conflict that usually happens is the tendency to have a legalistic attitude in demanding rights or practices that should be done by a church. Who can reconcile the claimed truth of catholic gatherings with other churches perfectly? Except God enthroned on the highest realm. Catholic or not, the word Christ is still in their Sunday service sessions or prayers.

Whoever wanted to create a division

Whoever wanted to create a division of the churches is the one who is not a Christian and does not belong to any churches at all. There is no kingdom that will divide its part, just as a man cannot deny his hand from being part of him. When Christianity has become a bunch of tribes pointing each other’s wrong like children competing to be the best good child in a family, they have forgotten what really matters. If only people can see that they all revolve the same around Christ, not the other way around.

There are rules that higher priests

There are rules that higher priests or bishops have created in lieu of grace where laws are no longer applicable. These laws have created a barrier that separates them from other congregations that were supposed to be potential allies in sharing the gospel with the world. Is it the other way around? Where other congregations have turned their back on Catholic fellowship because of practices that are not biblical. The fact that there are unnecessary practices that are not biblical pushed them to stand with conviction that their religion is different. The actions did not only harvest separation but also bred confusion to new converts who are digesting elementary truths. If pride reign over truth, there is no point in having religion since it will appear like you are a god on your own.

Catholics Are Supposed to Be Christians

The doctrines that have different passages in the bible scriptures are not meant to create discrepancies with scriptures since all of them have a distinct application to appropriate matters. When two or more scriptures seem to contradict a particular passage of the bible, it does not mean that those scriptures are false or wrong. Even discernment needs guidance from a teacher who knows these things. As humans, we cannot cultivate godlike wisdom from anywhere or sheer will. It must be given, revealed knowledge from the creator, not a self-insight assumption. We fail to see the truth because the permissive will has taken dominance over ourselves than depending on God’s will.

Worshiping material idols is not right or biblical either, but higher rank officials in the catholic administration had imposed these practices as somewhat valid. The error began when people accept ideologies from the same ordinary men rather than discerning for themselves what is right from wrong. In carrying the name of god to represent holiness in front of worshipers, there must be purity from the heart without stain of ulterior motives or selfish ambitions. But all these are being violated in their religion without control over the small sector of catholic churches. The vast domination of the Catholics has somehow corrupted its parts to the point of swerving in the path away from absolute righteousness, for there is no complete control over the vastness of dominion led by contradicting practices of their religion. What is really Christianity all about? If all these activities are compulsory, would it not be called an ordinary organization instead?

Christianity is all about Christ, as the rules, doctrines, principles, regulations are man-made. If Catholics believe in Christ, then there is no point proving that they are not Christians. Seeing the right perspective or perceiving a rational truth is better than joining a gang or a tribe of opposition just to prove something unnecessary. Christians are not supposed to convert people, only to proclaim the truth in the bible, as each one of us has a free will to choose which religion may save souls.