Religion plays a vital role in the affairs of human beings. Either you are a Christian Muslim, your religion would determine how you act towards those surrounding you. The Christian Church is of great importance to humanity and its surroundings. One major role played by the Christian Church is moral teaching. Morals shape you and determine how you cope with different categories of humans. The Christian Church teaches humans how to live with one another for peace to reign. As the Bible commanded it, humans should love one another because love is the greatest commandment.

The Christian Church discusses the importance

The Christian Church discusses the importance of love to human beings and explains why the Bible made it the greatest commandment. God established your church to meet all your needs: physical, spiritual, material, or academic needs. Your physical needs include clothing, shelter, and every other thing that can be seen. The Christian Church solves your spiritual problems by putting your supplications before God in prayer. The church meets your academic needs through scholarships and free education programs. God created the church to assist when you are physiological down or faced with problems. The Christian Church advises man on how to overcome challenges when faced.

The Role of the Christian Church in Communities

Human beings are surely going to be faced with problems at different stages of their lives. A church is established to provide service to human beings and its community. Community services provided by churches include free education, establishing health centers, and creating schools or studying centers. Churches were created to assist people when they need something. You can consult your church whenever something is needed and can’t be obtained elsewhere. The Christian church is created to assist humans in all areas of their lives. Apart from assisting the poor, a church was created to bring people closer to God.

Christ even commanded churches to preach the Gospel so that more people would be drawn towards him. Your church’s role is to provide a good environment to make the proclamation of Christ easy. Bringing human beings closer to God allows peace to reign in communities. Countries that do not know Christ are bound to face numerous problems. Your church plays a vital role in your spiritual life as you learn how to pray. One major reason why God created us is to worship him. Christ commanded humans to worship him in spirit, deed, and truth.

Communities without churches are bound to suffer due to a church’s function. Your Church is the best route to get morals apart from your home. It teaches about how to live a life that pleases your creator. Confession of sins is a role played by synagogues as you’re freed when you tell Christ to forgive you. A church equips people to work for Christ by providing for their needs. When a man works for God or allows himself to be used, blessings would follow him. Churches are established to expose fake prophets and stop them from spreading fake news or teachings that are not biblical.