Reincarnation is a dogma that states that the spirit will be transferred to another identity and be reborn once a person dies. Major Eastern religions believe in reincarnation to purify the soul before it finally gets to meet the Almighty. If people commit injustices, then they must pay for it by being reborn again. This notion is contrary to the Christian faith. Although there are claims that the early church believed in it, no Biblical verses support these demands. Being born again in the sense of accepting Jesus is the only rebirth spoken of in scripture.

The Bible is clear about life

The Bible is clear about life after death, and that is why the Christian church stopped teaching about reincarnation. Some claim that John the Baptist was Elijah reborn because the angel announcing his birth said he would come in the power and spirit of Elijah. It has been misquoted as proof of reincarnation, yet that is not what Gabriel meant. The man himself denied this claim when the people asked him whether he was Elijah. John clearly stated that he was a voice in the wilderness introducing Christ.

Why You only Die Once According to Christianity

The reincarnation doctrine says that those suffering are paying off bad karma accumulated through the previous lives. That destroys compassion, which is a foundation of the Christian faith. Living for people to suffer because they are paying evils they have no idea about is not acceptable in Christianity. For this reason, Christ came to put suffering to an end. It was because of God’s forgiveness to humanity that made him send his only son. Jesus’s life was full of compassion, and those that follow him must do the same.

True salvation is a result of God’s desire to reconcile humanity back to him. Reincarnation contradicts that by saying that it is man’s effort that can make him achieve perfection by working on the soul through rebirth. Salvation is not as a result of works, as Paul would say in his letters. It is by faith that Christ will justify a person, and no amount of work can equate to that. No matter how hard man works, salvation cannot be bought since God was given freely as a gift to all men. Christians believe in the final resurrections, where all bodies will resurrect. If reincarnation is to be believed, it is difficult to determine which body will resurrect as the soul would have been born many times.

This is one of the reasons reincarnation is no longer taught in church. It is, therefore, evident that Christians do not believe in anything that contradicts what Jesus taught. People die only once, and their fate after that is for God to determine. This is considered sound doctrine, and the idea that individuals will be reborn after they die contradictory. Other Christians still hold dear the idea of reincarnation, but there is no evidence to support that in the Bible. The church is only obligated to teach biblical sound doctrine, which excludes the rebirth of souls.