Christianity is a religion that believes that Jesus is the son of the almighty God. It is a unique religion that tends to differ from all other religions, that is, Islamic, Buddhism among many. Christians believe in their holy book, the bible, which has got around 66 chapters. Additionally, this holy book has been translated into unique languages that are vernacular. Initially, this religion stood as one branch, but due to different teachers emerging, there are different denominations. These denominations will still be dividing themselves since every day, there is a rising of new teachers, some being evil while others preaching the word of God.

The first division was the Catholic

The first division was the Catholic Church which has got millions of followers. This denomination believes in the same bible as the holy book, but its leaders have unique ways of handling and doing things. In consideration of all branches, the Catholic Church is widely known for its desire to help the needy. Although all Christianity branches preach peace and assist the needy, the Roman church puts a reasonable or visible effort. They have set millions of children’s homes in different places regardless of discrimination. It is a church that doesn’t support any activity that is not in line with the bible teachings.

Christian Church Available Branches

Anglicanism is the third Christian group that was developed through the frequent study of the scriptures. It can be attested that it is only through poor interpretation and believes that these denominations are rising. If all churches could have the same belief, then there could be a single branch of Christianity. Anglicanism has its roots in England, and it has spread to several locations. They have their concern on scriptures teachings and no other reason. Christians should note that the New Testament came to clarify and to replace the Old Testament.

Eastern Orthodox is another large branch that has millions of followers either from different locations. These orthodox churches believe in Christians holy book, and they mostly preach peace, love, unity. Occasionally, Orthodox preaches that Jesus was the son of God who came on the land to liberate his children. This denomination has its roots in Russia, where the well-known Soviet Union originated. It is a church that is expanding to deliver its services in places that is by holding prayer rallies and crusades. The Eastern Orthodox Church has never been incorporated or named for any wrong interpretations of the book.

Protestantism is a branch that is based on interpretation and has got a good belief in God. They emerged through disputes or disagreement with the Roman Catholic Church. Initially, this Catholic Church believed in offering sacraments, where Protestantism did not believe in it. A decision came which made to the creation of this branch. Although they refer to the bible before engaging in any talk, they seem to contradict themselves on the issues pertaining to the Catholic Church. Generally, different beliefs are leading to the wrong ways it should be done in a way that Christianity has got a single bible translation. This will be spearheaded by having a global language being used.