Divisions in associations or churches are a major problem among different people. Separations result from the conflict of ideas or interest between leaders and their subjects. Christianity is facing a problem of separation because of varied religious practices brought to them by clergy. Reforms of the 16th century resulted in the splitting of the Catholic Church, with some members opting for Protestantism. Members who moved out had issues with leadership in the clergy and rules made by the Catholic Church. Martin Luther wrote 95 theses that were a reaction against mistakes that were happening in the Catholic Church.

Catholic was an independent universal church

Catholic was an independent universal church for believers of its doctrinal teachings. Making Catholicism legal was done by one Roman emperor after he accepted the Christian faith. The Vatican City is the headquarters of the Catholic Church, with the Pope heading all spiritual affairs of the church. Beliefs and practices of Catholicism are written in the Nicene creed, with followers following all rules. Bible is the main book of reference in this faith that is accepted. Catholics have their own holy scripture having 73 books with extra books. This is a result of the addition of extra ones to the initially existing ones.

Two major branches of Christian church

Apart from beliefs, Catholicism contributes to growth through constructing schools, along with hospitals. Mission institutions were built by missionaries to spread Christianity while offering assistance. Caring for the less fortunate is done out of willingness, and capable members are encouraged to help. Bishops are anointed and given authority over different local regions of a country. In these regions, they operate until their term ends or planned transfers. Arrangement in smaller churches makes it easy for religious leaders to perform duties assigned to them.

While solving conflicts between believers on the sacrament issues and the authority of the Pope, the Protestant church was formed. The actual presence of Christ in the Last Supper was on a debate at a time of the separation. An aspect of the Holy Trinity has supporters and those who deny it. Teachings are derived from the bible, which is a reference book. There are different forms of baptism to symbolize dying in sin, then resurrecting in Jesus Christ. The Protestants have 5 Latin phrases they know make them different from other Christian groups. Building universities together with colleges was for Protestants to get reading skills for reading the bible.

The branch of Christianity branded major has many disciples within a given period. Group of believers has different ways of conducting church activities that make them distinct. Religious cultures are preserved while passed to generations of a religion.