A true church is the one that ensures its people have surrendered their lives to God through His son Jesus Christ. It upholds truthfulness and godliness within members who show genuine faith with obedience to what’s taught in that church through guidelines of the bible. Not every institution proclaiming itself to be a church is genuine as some may exist for purposes other than praising the Lord and teaching the bible. It’s difficult but not impossible to distinguish between a true church from other fake institutions. You have to look at all characteristics or traits of a church if they match the bible’s standards.

The hardship of identifying a true

The hardship of identifying a true church is caused by the emergence of numerous institutions calling themselves a church. Religious leaders strive to lure people into becoming members of their organization despite not being a genuine institution. If you don’t watch out for false teachers, you will find yourself lost in their religious philosophies or false preaching. It’s important to be careful before joining a congregation as it’s easy to be misguided into joining a false church. To identify a true church, you will have to look at the characteristics it has. Trust your observation rather than what you are told.

The True Christian Church

The Roman Catholic Church is the true church. This fact is supported by various reasons and characteristics that distinguish it from other fake churches. Roman catholic is the true and oldest church on the planet dating back to the first century when teaching about Jesus Christ. This proves that its belief was passed directly from early apostles to leaders of the church. It’s a continuation of the early Christian community founded by Christ. Despite suspicions that these teachings have been altered over time, there is no clear evidence to this claim. If you watch carefully, some practices now were performed by Christ Himself back then.

Another reason the roman catholic is the true church is its belief in the bible among its members. They have a plain belief of verses taught in the bible, and these beliefs are true. Catholics believe that they are saved by grace through Saint Paul with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. According to the Holy scriptures, this is true, which outlines that Christians were saved by grace, and none can take credit for their salvation. Catholics also believe that priests can forgive their sins, unlike other churches that don’t believe their spiritual leaders can.

Priests can forgive sin through Christ in roman catholic following the bible and oral traditions as instructed by Jesus. Jesus said to the apostles that they receive the Holy Spirit, and if they forgive anyone’s sins, the sins will be forgiven, but if not, they won’t be forgiven. This practice is still carried out by religious leaders in catholic who forgive the sins of members through Jesus Christ. It is proof that the religion follows Christ’s teachings and instructions up to date. It’s a clear indication that this church is a true one.