Woodvale Presbyterian Church

Belfast, Northern Ireland

The Presbyterian Church in Ireland.

Our church is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. Our symbol is the burning bush. But why? See some articles on the theme.


Some may be wondering - "What IS a Presbyterian Church?"

There seem to be many varieties of "Presbyterianism" around. Are they all just the same? Are there significant differences? If so, what are they, and how can we find out?

There are several "Presbyterian" Churches, but each denomination is quite separate from all the others. Presbyterianism is basically a form of Church Government. It means rule by elders. Elders are elected by the congregation, and the purpose of the elders (meeting together in Session) is to look after the spiritual affairs of the congregation.

Why not go to some of the sites involved and let each denomination speak for itself.

The Presbyterian Church in Ireland

 The Reformed Presbyterian Church

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church

The Free Presbyterian Church