Woodvale Presbyterian Church

Belfast, Northern Ireland

The creche.



Do you have a young baby or a child under three years of age?  Would you like to come to our Sunday morning service while your children would be safely looked after in our Crèche?


We have a team of eighteen ladies who are very capable and experienced in looking after children.  There are two ladies on a rota basis every Sunday morning in the Crèche, which is open from 10.45 a.m.  It is held in the Minor Hall of the church, which is very bright and airy with plenty of room for the children to play.  The pipes and radiators are covered with protective guards in order to keep the children safe.


We have a very good selection of books and toys to keep the children interested and amused.  The toys have been donated by members of our church and they are usually of a very high standard.


If a child happened to be ill or distressed while in the Crèche a team of ladies would have no hesitation in going into the church to bring the parents out.


One of the most important events in the year for the young children of our church is our Cradle roll Service which is held in June.  On this day every child under the age of three years who attends receives a small gift.  On that Sunday every adult and child is brought into the main body of the church together at the end of the service so this is a very special occasion for all that attend.


The team of ladies and Mrs Isa Douglas (the leader) take great pleasure in looking after the young children in the Crèche and they would encourage all young families to being their babies and toddlers along on Sunday mornings.  This would be a great start for your children in life to be brought up from an early age involved in the work and life of God’s House.  Hoping to see you and your children soon.