Woodvale Presbyterian Church

Belfast, Northern Ireland


 The Sunday School meets each Sunday afternoon from 3.00pm to 4.00pm from the second Sunday in September until mid May.  There are three sections within Sunday School: 

 ·        The Beginners – For children aged 3 – 5  (pre-school to Primary 1)

·        The Primary Section – For children in Primary 2 to Primary 7 (age 5/6-11)

·        ‘463’ – For young people of secondary school age and beyond!

 Our Beginners enjoy singing, hearing Bible stories, craft activities etc and have been known to give some wonderful drama performances at special services!

 The Primary Section is the largest section of Sunday School.  The children enjoy a time of praise together before dividing into smaller classes where they learn Bible stories, complete worksheets and usually have some sort of craft activity to reinforce what has been learnt that day.

 ‘463’ – what does this mean?  Well – have a look at your mobile phone.  What letters can you text if you press buttons 4,6 and 3? – the answer is GOD.  The young people chose this name themselves.  We pray that during their time together each Sunday afternoon they will learn about God and how He can change their lives.  In this section the atmosphere is extremely informal and the young people are encouraged to discuss topical issues and how God is relevant today.

 During the course of each year there is usually a special Christmas church service in which the children from Sunday School take part and again in mid May when Sunday School finishes for the session, the children take part in the service and receive their attendance prizes.  We also normally have a Christmas party and a Saturday afternoon away in May to mark the end of the session.

 In a society where God is largely ignored, we feel that the work of Sunday School is extremely important.  We seek to teach the children in the Woodvale area about God’s love for them and the message of salvation

 Our Superintendent is our minister, Rev Ken Doherty who is assisted by a small but faithful band of teachers.  All children and young people are very welcome.