Woodvale Presbyterian Church

Belfast, Northern Ireland


No congregation - unless it was very big - could ever hope to provide all the help and support that its members might want or request. Thankfully the internet is full of sites which provide specialist help from a Christian point of view. We mention a few below.

The Bible!

The best resource of all is the Bible. Hear it beautifully read at The Blue Letter Bible .  Listen to any chapter of the Bible any time - listen and enjoy! 

Of course, you may want to search the Bible. In that case the Bible Gateway is the ideal place to start.

Or you may want to study the Bible in greater depth. The choice on the Internet is bewildering, but you may want to visit someof the following sites:

RBC Ministries, Back to the Bible Broadcast or BibleMaster.com.You may,of course, want something light - something more devotional. RBC ministries has produced "Our Daily Bread" for over 50 years. This, along with Discovery Booklets, has been the staple spiritual diet for many in their Christian lives.

Church music

What would worship be like without good Christian music? Today we have a heritage of "psalms, hymns and spiritual songs".You'll really enjoy hearing some of the most popular Christian music on MP3 format, and you can do so the cyberhymnal. This site is truely a mine of information.It is well worth a visit.

But many other sites are available. Try this site  for some midi versions of some familiar gospel and sacred songs and worship songs.

Christian Radio - UCB

Want something different from your radio set, or something fresh from your television? Why not try UCB? It has broadcast its radio programmes for several years, but now has set up its own television station as well.

The World Wide Web

There are many other resources we could recommend. Why not visit a one-stop website  for the top 1000 Christian sites on the Internet? You'll probably find all you could ever want for young or old, married or single, man or woman, boy or girl.