Woodvale Presbyterian Church

Belfast, Northern Ireland


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The first questions we might ask about Woodvale Presbyterian Church might be: "Where is it?" and "How can we get there?"

Woodvale is part of North Belfast. It is situated at the top of the Shankill Road. The Church itself is conveniently served by several bus routes. Full details of the local public transport are found at Translink Our parish area is largely residential, with a fairly small shopping area. On this page we highlight a few of the features of our immediate area.

Woodvale Park.

We are truely priviledged to have this beautiful park just over the road from the Church. It is one of 28 parks under the control of the Belfast City Council. It comprises 24 acres altogether. It was opened in August 1888. The full history of the park can be found on the parks page of the Belfast City Council website. A few years ago boxer Wayne McCullough made a television programme for BBC Northern Ireland. The park featured at the end of the programme. It was lovely to see the bandstand in use, even if it was stage-managed for the occasion. No doubt it brought back many a memory of days gone past.

Woodvale Cricket & Lawn Tennis Cub.

Not far away is the home of

 Woodvale Cricket and Lawn Tennis Club. Are you an enthusiast?

Many are!

Forthriver Bowling and Tennis Club.

Not far way are the lovely grounds of Forthriver Bowling and Tennis Club. This has been a social centre for many through the years. Each year recently we have been granted use of the facilities for our Christmas dinners.

Places of worship.

Though our parish area is quite small, we have no less than six other places of worship in our immediate area.

What are these local places of worship?

Saint Mathew's congregation of the Church of Ireland. This is situated on the main Woodvale Road. It is comonly called the Shamrock Church. The Rector is Rev. Gregory Dunstan. He is assisted by Capt. Richard Beadle (Church Army).

Woodvale Methodist Church, a congregation of the Methodist Church in Ireland is just over the road, on the other side of Cambrai Street. The minister is Rev. Margaret Ferguson.

Just along Cambrai Street, at the corner of Heather Street is the Welcome Evangelical Church, a church famous because of its links with Amy Carmichael. The Pastor is Jonathan Clarke.

Belfast City Mission has two causes in our parish area - one at Disraeli Street and the other at Mayo Street. Mr. Jim Lawther is the Missioner at Disraeli Street. Dr. Ray Pulman is the Missioner at Mayo Street.

Holy Cross Catholic Church is found at the top of the Woodvale Road, at the Ardoyne roundabout. Father Adrian Troy leads the parish team. Learn more about the wider Catholic Church in Ireland .

The Shankill Mirror.

The Woodvale area is part of the greater Shankill area, and this is well served by the Shankill Mirror.