Woodvale Presbyterian Church

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Christian Aid.

“We Believe in life after death” is the Christian Aid slogan that has inspired so many people over the years.  It reminds us that life is for living and not merely surviving and that in the face of poverty and despair, we should continue to hope, pray and act for a better world.


The congregation of Woodvale Presbyterian church has over the past……  years supported Christian Aid in so many ways.  The main event being the Door to Door collection which takes place in May during Christian Aid Week, a loyal band of volunteers faithfully spend a few hours during this week collecting in the Ballygomartin and Upper Woodvale Road area.  Thanks to the generosity of the people in this area we usually raise around £500.  Also over the years our local supermarket Tesco’s have kindly allowed us to have a collection outside the store on the Friday of Christian Aid Week. And once again the generosity of the staff and customers provides another substantial amount of money.


Our Harvest and thanksgiving Service in October has proved to be another way of raising money, as our Flower Committee has kindly given the surplus money from Harvest donations to Christian Aid.  We usually have a display board in the vestibule of our church focusing on different themes connected to Christian Aid, such as Fair Trade, World Trade and Water for Life.


Throughout the year money is provided in so many different ways by our congregation – through people’s talents, car boot sales, saving small coins, donations in lieu of presents and not least of all the Moderator’s Appeal on Christmas morning.


The people of our Church are not just committed to raising money, but offer their support by praying and acting in hope that we will help to bring about a better life for people in poor communities all over the world.