Woodvale Presbyterian Church

Belfast, Northern Ireland


The first Company attached to Woodvale Presbyterian Church was the 45th Belfast Company which only lasted for a few years from its formation in 1904.


Then in 1915 the 22nd Belfast Company was formed at the Church with a total of eighty boys and 4 officers in its first year.


The present membership of the company at April, 2004 totals thirty five plus eight members of staff.


Over the past 90 years more than one thousand one hundred boys have passed through the ranks of the 22nd, and ten Officers have held the post of Company Captain.


Many Belfast Battalion awards have been won by the Company:

Junior Drill Shield (1929), Swimming (1932), Junior Company Drill (1961), Final of the Football Intermediate League (1962, 1964 and 1965), Bugle Band (1958), Individual Bugling Champion (1988, 1989. 1990), Badminton (1989), Table Tennis (1988), Five-a-side Football Trophy (2004). Summer camps have been held in Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England and one in Belgium. Bible study continues to be a central feature of Boys’ Brigade work with Young people.


The present Company operates in four sections:


Anchor Boys (age range 4 – 8)


Junior Section (age range 8 – 12)


Company Section (Age range 12 – 15)


Senior Section (age range 15 – 18)